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Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium


15 September 2022

The Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC), is a consortium founded in 2021 by KTM, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha, with the mission to accelerate the deployment of swappable battery systems in electric vehicles, promoting sustainable mobility to improve the quality of…

13-17July – Eurobike 2022, Frankfurt

6 May 2022

From 13 th to 17 th July, Xener will be present at Eurobike 2022, a European event dedicated to energy and transport sector, in particular to the e-bike world. Many manufacturers of e-bikes will participate in the event. Xener team…

Marco Seddio interview

2 May 2022

Marco Seddio, CEO of Xener, in this video interview, carried out at the Bologna E-TECH EUROPE 2022 fair, talks about the birth of Xener, the innovations introduced and future projects. Watch the video to know more about the Xener reality.

E-Tech Europe

E-TECH EUROPE 2022, 12 th – 13 th April, Bologna

31 March 2022

From 12 th to 13 th April, Xener will be present at E-TECH EUROPE 2022, a European event dedicated to electronics and the e-mobility industry. Many manufacturers of battery electric vehicles will participate in the event. Xener team is at…

Xener talks about BIKEGATE

22 February 2022

  BIKEGATE, is the new B2B publishing project by BiciLive, dedicated to the cycle industry. Its second issue dedicated to sustainability and the environmental impact of the e-bike sector also hosted Xener's story, highlighting the opportunities it offers to e-bike…

Intervista A Marco Seddio

Bike Europe interviews Marco Seddio, CEO of Xener

2 January 2022

What news will the e-bike sector have to expect? In this interview, conducted by Bike Europe, Marco Seddio, CEO of Atex Industries, talks about the birth of XENER and the future projects that attend it. In particular, it concerns the development for…

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