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Battery Line

Batteries designed and produced
in Italy for cargo e-bikes

GLOBEX battery line

From 630 Wh to 2 x 630 Wh

The GLOBEX line comprises batteries with a 630 Wh capacity, which have been designed to be easily installed and removed from the bike frame. Thanks to their versatility, reliability and robustness, these batteries are particularly suitable for goods-transporting e-bike, such as cargo ones.

Rated voltage:


Charging status:

4 green LEDs

Operating temperature:

-10 to +50°C

    GLOBEX 630 Wh Cargo Battery Pack

Frame mounting

Use: cargo e-bike
Capacity: 17.5 Ah / 630 Wh
Cells: Li-Ion 18650 3500 mA
Dimensions: 100 x 115 x 350 mm
Weight: 3.6 Kg



    Globex Twin Set Cargo Battery 2 x 630 Wh

Frame mounting

Thanks to the BMS integrated with the batteries it is possible to use two G1 630 Wh twin batteries.

Do you want to make your e-bike IoT?

Be amazed

XMART BATTERY CLOUD SYSTEM allows you to collect data in the Cloud on the operation of the battery and other components connected to it, to carry out predictive maintenance, product validation and optimise customer service.

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