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Customised Batteries
for e-bikes

Xener is a pioneering partner in the production of lithium batteries for light electric vehicle and e-bike manufacturers, thanks to its vertical expertise in the sector and in electronics.

Why choose a European supplier?

The problems of the e-bike supply chain in the Far East

The market for lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles (LEVs) and e-bikes, in particular, has seen a series of substantial changes over the last 5 years. The transport crisis caused by Covid-19, and the strong increase in demand have highlighted several criticalities in the Far East’s battery supply chain. This has made the choice of a European supplier for lithium batteries more advantageous and reliable.

Xener proposes itself as a cutting-edge technological partner that has invested in modern automated lines for the manufacturing of lithium batteries for both pedal assisted bikes and, more generally, light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Why choose Xener
for your e-bike battery?

Initial consultation

Want to make a new e-bike?

Xener will support you and participate from the very first research and development phase. For the development of fully tailor-made battery packs, we have already worked with various product managers of major European companies, developing projects to satisfy their needs, and testing our prototypes in the laboratory, and on and off the road.

In this way we are able to provide you with exclusive, tailor-made electronic solutions, and make your product more competitive by integrating the most cutting-edge IoT technologies.

So far, we have developed batteries for:
Road (in tube batteries), urban, city and commuter bikes, MTBs, light MTBs, range extenders, e-cargo bikes.


Battery pack, battery management system (BMS), motor driver, controller

The entire design process takes place in Italy, to the highest standards of safety and quality. We not only produce the battery pack, but we also design and develop the hardware and software for battery management systems (BMS), motor drivers, and controllers

We define the range, power, and battery casings.

We design the battery case in 3D, to understand the space it will occupy, and to aesthetically integrate it into the e-bike. We develop a prototype of the battery to allow it to be fine-tuned in the laboratory, to adapt it to regulations, and to carry out testing similar to the use customers will make of it in the field.


Made in Italy

XENER batteries are manufactured with:

Equipment for automatic assembly of SMD and PTH components of our battery management systems, 2D and 3D optical inspection machinery, and X-ray guided robotic assembly lines, with an integrated quality control system, for perfect battery welding.

We only use high quality cells from selected suppliers, and provide a warranty on our batteries for their entire life cycle. Every battery is equipped with safety access by PIN and remote control for predictive after-sales service, and are made with the highest standards of drive system performance and charging and discharging speed.

We store all our batteries in air-conditioned cells, to keep the products perfectly intact.

Quality standards

Safety and reliability

The safety and reliability of our products begins with the safety of our operators. For this reason, every activity is carried out in strict compliance with applicable regulations and guaranteed by ISO9000 certification.

To ensure the highest quality standards and precise product quality control throughout all stages of production, we have partnered with accredited laboratories for EMC, 62133, EC, UL, and UN38.3 certification.

Every XENER battery is tested, calibrated and assigned a unique QR code, which allows you to consult the entire production cycle and guarantees its complete traceability.

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