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Our batteries

Extreme high performance, sustainable,
technologically cutting-edge, and Made in Italy

Lithium-ion batteries

Environmental sustainability and profitability

To date, lithium-ion batteries are the most environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced alternative.
This is why we have chosen to operate in this sector, which, according to market forecasts, will continue to grow over the coming years.

Lead acid batteries
compared to lithium batteries

Lead acid batteries
Lithium (NCA) batteries
Full charge in 8 hours.
Quick full charge in just 2 hours.
60% energy efficiency.
90% energy efficiency.
30% usable daily energy.
80% usable daily energy.
High maintenance costs.
No maintenance needs.
Operational life of 400 charge cycles.
Operational life of > 500charging cycles.
Temperature range from -20 to +50°C (low battery).
Temperature range from -20 to +50°C (low battery).
Partial charges and discharges shorten the life of the battery.
Partial charges and discharges lengthen the life of the battery.
Considerable weight (e.g. 1000W, 30kg).
Extremely light (e.g. 1000W, 9kg).

Why you should choose Xener batteries



They are made with the highest level of performance in relation to the drive system and charging and discharging speed. Their capacity can vary from 250Wh to 900Wh.


They are equipped with safety access by PIN and remote control for after-sales service.
In addition, they include a Bluetooth module that will trigger an active anti-theft device (not only for finding the device) and initiate software updates via iOS and Android apps.


We use 18650 3,5Ah and 21700 5,0Ah cells, supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers (Samsung SDI, Panasonic, LG). Our batteries are stored in air-conditioned rooms, to keep the products perfectly intact.


The cells are welded on an automatic line with an integrated quality control system that guarantees perfect welding.


We adhere to the main European and US safety standards, and every activity is carried out in strict compliance with applicable regulations and guaranteed by ISO9000 certification.

High quality

We guarantee high quality standards and precise product quality control throughout all production phases, and have partnered with accredited laboratories for certifications (EMC, 62133, EC, UL, and UN38.3).

and calibration

All our batteries are fully tested and calibrated.


Every battery is assigned a unique QR code, which provides a description of the entire production cycle and guarantees the traceability of the battery.


In order to fulfil our commitment to the environment and our green vocation, we also take care of the disposal of the batteries once they have reached the end of their life cycles.

Tested for
hostile environments

XENER batteries are also tested for hostile environments, with temperatures ranging from as low as -20°C to as high as +50°C. In addition, we also test the protection of the batteries against water and other aggressive liquids.

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