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Why you should choose Xener

Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers and designers, ready to listen to your needs and offer you innovative batteries that adapt to the uniqueness of your product.

Initial consultation

We, at Xener, actively participate in the research and development phases for the realization of the new products for our customers, providing our contribution and expertise on lithium ion batteries.


Thanks to our know-how in electronics, we are able to design and develop battery management system (BMS) hardware and software for custom battery packs, and integrate into your products cutting-edge IoT technologies for predictive maintenance.


Once the project has been defined, we develop a prototype of the battery to allow it to be fine-tuned in the laboratory, to adapt it to regulations, and to carry out testing similar to the use customers will make of it in the field.


Production is entirely Made in Italy, thanks to the use of cutting-edge equipment for the automatic assembly of the SMD and PTH components of our battery management systems. Every activity is carried out in strict compliance with applicable regulations and guaranteed by ISO9000 certification, ensuring maximum health and safety for our operators throughout every stage of processing.

Certifications and quality standards

We have partnered with accredited laboratories for EMC, 621333, EC, UL, and UN38.3 certifications, to guarantee the highest quality standards and precise product quality control throughout every stage of production.

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