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Customised BMS



To meet the needs of e-bike and engine manufacturers, we also make custom hardware and software for the BMS, so as to integrate even the most current IoT technologies.


  • Can be used with a series of 10 cells (10sXp)
  • For battery packs up to 1 KW/h
  • Max instantaneous discharge current 15 A
  • Manages the charge and discharge of the cells, with passive balancing of the cells during charging
  • It has temporary (electronic switch opening) and permanent protections (interruption of a fuse integrated in the board)
  • Overcurrent protections in charge/discharge and short circuit in discharge
  • Low/ high temperature protection (different values can be set for charge and discharge)
  • Dual over-voltage protection cells (with second independent hardware protection)
  • Microcontroller for customised management of battery operation
  • 3 LEDs to display the charging status and any alarms
  • Power on by key or external command
  • CAN bus communication
  • BLE and ANT+ communication (optional)

Do you want to make your e-bike IoT?

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XMART BATTERY CLOUD SYSTEM allows you to collect data in the Cloud on the operation of the battery and other components connected to it, to carry out predictive maintenance, product validation and optimise customer service.

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