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Made in Italy
design and production
of lithium batteries

E-mobility and off-grid empowerment
is our motto, as a cutting-edge technological partner.

Made in Italy high capacity batteries

XENER’s entire design and production process takes place in Italy, thanks to robotic battery pack assembly lines and cutting-edge equipment for the automatic assembly of SMD and PTH components for our battery management systems, controllers and motor drivers.

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Why choose a European supplier?

The problems of the e-bike supply chain in the Far East

The market for lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles (LEVs) and e-bikes, in particular, has seen a series of substantial changes over the last 5 years. The transport crisis caused by Covid-19, and the strong increase in demand have highlighted several criticalities in the Far East’s battery supply chain. This has made the choice of a European supplier for lithium batteries more advantageous and reliable.

Xener proposes itself as a cutting-edge technological partner that has invested in modern automated lines for the manufacturing of lithium batteries for both pedal assisted bikes and, more generally, light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Our group

Atex Industries, the company to which Xener and 3 other divisions belong, has been operating since 1972 in electronics world, in particular in the design and development of electronic boards for multiple application sectors.

Now, in an ambitious project, its know-how is being applied to the development of IoT technologies for local and remote connection and control of devices, integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

The divisions of Atex Industries

Made in Italy design and production of lithium battery packs, motor drivers and controller interfaces for technological applications.

Design and supply of electronic devices for energy and safety management.

Design and production of high-tech electronic boards and devices.

Design and supply of temperature controllers for medical, HORECA and industrial sectors.

Produzione robotizzata
Produzione automatica SMD
Altissime prestazioni

Xener: a new company full of experience

Xener is a young company that takes advantage of the experience and know-how gained by ATEX Industries in over 50 years in the electronics field.

This has allowed us to develop custom hardware and software for the e-mobility industry, integrating the cutting-edge IoT technologies for predictive maintenance, and, consequently, increasing the value of our customers’ products.


Efficiency and environmental sustainability

We use the most advanced technologies for the production of high performance, sustainable, affordable and safe batteries. Inspired by the principles of the green economy, we have made efficiency and sustainability our watchwords. At XENER, we have the goal of contributing to the energy transition by reducing CO2 emissions, supporting our customers on this path, and assuming a leading role in the green industry.


A cutting-edge offering

We firmly believe in the value of Made in Italy, and this is why our entire design and production chain for electronic boards, systems and products has always been located in Italy. We have a round table approach with customers, by which we work together and share knowledge and experiences in order to find the most suitable solutions. Our custom projects are the fruit of this approach, which are followed through by an entirely Italian production process. Fast response times, competence and safety are the values that guide every project, and have been chosen in order to support our customers’ businesses with the most innovative and sustainable products.

What batteries do you need?

Our team is made up of talented designers, engineers and marketing professionals who work in synergy to offer you the very best possible experience.

Battery packs for e-bike

Our battery packs

What batteries do you need?

Our team is made up of talented designers, engineers and marketing professionals who work in synergy to offer you the very best possible experience.

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