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By means of AI systems, the processed data provides information that is useful for your business.

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The motor, display, battery and BMS communicate with each other – via the CAN bus communication – based proprietary protocol – whilst the e-bike is in use.
The integrated BMS collects and sends data in the XMART CLOUD:


Nominal battery capacity, parallel series cell arrangement, battery type, engine type, etc.


Power supplied by the engine, power supplied by the cyclist, engine temperature, battery temperature, etc.


Residual capacity, number of charge cycles, total working time, total distance travelled in meters, etc.

How Xmart System works

Data collection and processing
The data provided by the various e-bike components (e.g. motor, display…) is collected by the XMART battery’s BMS.
The battery sends the data to the XMART CLOUD.
Logical service applications, in addition to machine learning and data mining algorithms, process the data.
The user receives useful information regarding their business or e-bike use.

Why should you choose XMART CLOUD SYSTEM?

Benefits for all: from the manufacturer to the end-user
  • Scheduling predictive e-bike maintenance (motor, gearbox, etc.).
  • Carrying out own product tests and validations: to identify the best component combination (e.g. motor model + battery model).
  • Offering value-added services for rentals: bike GPS localisation, anti-theft device enabling, alarm monitoring, programmed operation blocking.
  • Providing support for optimal e-bike use.


Motor manufacturer E-bike manufacturer Components manufacturer Rental Companies Dealers End users Technical support
Testing and validation
Better performing products
E-bike use support
User clustering
Predictive maintenance
Guarantee certificate
Customer service optimisation
E-bike GPS localisation
Operation block

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